Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Moving to new location

Later On v. 2.0 is up and running using WordPress. I probably should have switched over long since, but I kept hoping that would implement categories. They haven't, and they've continued to have ever-more-frequent operational problems. So it's time to pack up and move.

Update your bookmark, and come and see me at the new place.

UPDATE: Thanks to The Son, for Father's Day I got a permanent URL for the blog: Isn't that cool? :)

Coming soon: airfare predictions

Check this out: a predictor of when airfares will be cheapest. Not yet available, but coming soon. Via Boing Boing.

How Zawodny lost 50 lbs.

Via Boing Boing. Zawodney is starting to document how he lost 50 lbs last year: 5 belt inches, 1 shirt size. An example:
After thinking about why I always ate a bit too much, I finally realized it was a problem with my physiological empty/full gauge. If I eat until I feel "full" I've probably eaten too much. And, worse yet, I end up feeling sluggish for an hour or so after eating. You know, the "food coma."
Habit #3 is about resetting your notion of when to eat (or stop eating). The easiest way to say it is "eat when you're hungry, stop when you're not." Notice that this says nothing about feeling full.
This is the single most difficult thing to do. If you're like me, it means breaking 30 years worth of training your body. But after the first few weeks, you'll start to find that the "not hungry and not full" feeling starts to seem normal. If you keep a running tally of your food intake during the day (habit #1), that'll make it a lot easier to know when you should stop.